A True Democrat

It is not uncommon for individuals to change their political affiliation throughout their lives. My change in political affiliation from Republican to Democrat was influenced by a variety of factors, such as changes in my personal beliefs, societal trends, and other experiences that led to shift my political views.

As a mayoral candidate, it is important to focus on the issues that matter to my constituents and to communicate my platform and goals clearly, regardless of what I was registered as during my past political affiliation. It is also useful to acknowledge my shift in political views and explain how my experiences have influenced a different perspective.

Ultimately, what matters most to voters is my ability to effectively lead and represent your interests, rather than focus on my past political affiliation. So, I want focus on building trust with all constituents and demonstrate a strong commitment to your well-being through my actions and policies.

My Record as a Democrat

My votes serve the residents of Easton, regardless of political views or ideologies.  To those who know my record, it is no secret that I was registered as a Republican until I switched parties in 2014.  It is peculiar that my opponent is now making ridiculous claims of my party affiliation after supporting my campaign and graciously donating $250 to help me win the 2015 Election.

My voting record speaks for itself.  I have been a champion for Democratic values since changing my political affiliation in 2014.  In difference to my opponent, who views facts as disguised in innuendo or mere falsehoods, I would like to offer my voting record and stance on several initiatives in favor of my views.

  1. Crafted legislation to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana that failed on a 4-3 vote and vehemently opposed to by my opponent
  2. Voted in favor of AFSCME and FOP Collective Bargaining Agreements
  3. Did not vote for One (1) Fire contract due to its language barring our firefighters from volunteering at other departments and keeping their community members safe
  4. Voted against an annual salary increase, which made the Mayor the highest paid in the Lehigh Valley, that was later found to be in violation of the 3rd Class City Code
  5. Voted against an increase of fees for small businesses and proposed waiving fees for an additional year as we slowly turned the corner on the COVID19 Pandemic
  6. Initiated an investigation of harassment and racial discrimination within our police department
  7. Received endorsements from the Fraternal Order of Police Washington Lodge 17, AFSCME Local 447, and AFSCME District Council 33

I think we all understand the game of politics and how people will stoop to a low in order to change the message.  My record speaks for itself.  Referencing each point with its proper notation to Council minutes, news articles, or videos only provides additional evidence on how transparent I will conduct myself as the next Mayor of Easton.  By sending out negative mail riddled with falsehoods and no footnotes or evidence to prove truth, be mindful of what you believe and know that I have proven to you that facts do matter.