As a resident of Easton, I have seen and continue to witness our growth and success.  Having moved here in 1999, I reside on College Hill where I operate my government consulting business, Polity

My brief involvement with city politics began in 2007 where I unsuccessfully ran for council.  The same year a home rule charter was enacted and has been in place for 16 years. 

Upon conceding the election to the victors, I received an appointment to the police civil service commission.  After several years, I was appointed to the city zoning hearing board. Witnessing how our city grew and being a part of this board excited me to run for an open council seat in 2015.  With months of meeting constituents and campaigning, I was victorious in the primary election and officially became a member of council in January 2016

During my time on council, I decided to also embark on a new journey and obtain a master’s degree in public administration from Ohio University and their famed Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.  The coursework and interaction with the various professors and students throughout the country offered me a different perspective in my role.  I was able to understand policies and budgeting from both an academic and legislative perspective.

-Peter Melan