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It is my dream and hope that I can step into these shoes proudly and be able to serve the community with honesty and transparency.

It is the support from you and others that helps me, and my team do what we do. Events such as Cookies & Milk With Santa and future petition signing opportunities at local businesses are just a sampling of what we have planned for the campaign.  In the end we will see the positive results we all want, and that is a victory in May!

I hope that with my election, I can bring you and other community members together to help us make Easton not only a better place to live, but also improve how we conduct ourselves with businesses, support sensible development, and unifying our neighborhoods. With positive change and a platform to improve our overall way of life, I have confidence in becoming the next Mayor of Easton.

It is people like you who help to change the world and our corner of it for the better. If you have specific questions about how your gift is being used, or you want further information on how to continue your support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You may also join my newsletter for updates on events and ideas on how to we can work together in moving Easton forward.

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