Supporting Conscious and Development

Conscious urban planning involves considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts of urban development and making decisions that promote sustainability and equity. As a City with continuous growth, here are some ways that we can support conscious urban planning in Easton:

1. Update the City Comprehensive Plan

Once in office, it is my intention to develop updates to the City Comprehensive Plan. The last plan was adopted in 2017 and we have seen significant changes to our neighborhoods.  Reviewing the document to ensure we are following the recommendations is a solid indicator of where we can make changes to help us grow for the future.

2. Prioritize Sustainability

Sustainable urban planning involves reducing carbon emissions, preserving natural resources, and promoting renewable energy. Cities can prioritize sustainability by investing in green infrastructure, encouraging public transportation, and promoting energy-efficient buildings.

3. Promote Equity

Conscious urban planning should prioritize equity and social justice by ensuring that all residents have access to essential services, such as healthcare, education, and affordable housing. This can involve zoning regulations that encourage mixed-use development and affordable housing, as well as community engagement that incorporates diverse perspectives.

4. Foster Collaboration

A collaboration between government officials, community members, and other stakeholders is vital to our success in helping us plan for future growth. Cities can foster collaboration by holding public meetings, engaging in dialogue with stakeholders, and creating partnerships with businesses and non-profits.

5. Embrace Innovation

Cities can embrace innovation by investing in research and development, promoting entrepreneurship, and encouraging experimentation and pilot projects.  Utilizing new technology and bringing together a group of forward-thinkers would help us in developing creative ideas that are beneficial to all of our neighborhoods.

Overall, supporting conscious urban planning and development requires a commitment to sustainability, equity, collaboration, and innovation. By updating the City comprehensive plan, prioritizing sustainability and equity, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovation, our City can create more livable, resilient, and equitable urban environments for our residents.