Vote for Change

As Election Day nears, we have a very important decision to make.  On one side, I bring creative ideas and a desire to listen.  I want to hear citizen concerns and provide the best results so that we can make our City even better.  

Many things have been said over the course of several weeks.  From making statements and claims I have done nothing in 7.5 years on Council is grossly inaccurate.  I can honestly say that missing a single meeting over the course of my time on Council speaks to my integrity and devotion to public service

Moving forward I want to state that my intentions are genuine and sincere.  My vision for making our City livable for all is not just a sentence but a promise.  We can work with developers and adjust our laws to not only increase our affordable housing stock, but to ensure that the proper incentives are in place to make this policy a reality and not just a dream.

Throughout this campaign, I have communicated via social media and print.  My goal was to be transparent and illustrate differences between two candidates.  It is unfortunate that many times a message is taken out of context or simply disregarded.  What I also promised was a campaign of illustrating the facts that had evidence.  Some of us tend to shy away from facts or simply ignore them.  It’s completely understandable, yet expected.

As I continue to hear residents speak and tell me their concerns, the consistent message is that there is a need for change.  I made a campaign promise to work on change.  We can work together on fulfilling my message and create better relationships.  I will not disregard any voice or discount anyone from offering their opinion or suggestion on how we can improve on any aspect of our City.  

My Platform

I have updated my website during this campaign to show what I plan to change and adopt once I am your next Mayor.  Here are some of my highlights that I would like to bring forward:

  • Conscious planning and development for a better community
  • Improving connectivity between our neighborhoods
  • Bringing civility back
  • Make our government more transparent
  • Using reliable data to make smarter decisions for our future
  • Enhancing citizen engagement
  • Enacting mayoral term limits
  • Advocating for all residents
  • Attracting more diverse businesses
  • Removing the Mayor as a member of City Council to create a transparent government with checks and balances